Blog: Tom Beasley, Head of Bristol & Bath Science Park, explains why he will be walking the BPE Macmillan Way in July.

In about November last year, Rob Bryan (Walker-in-Chief of the BPE Macmillan Way Challenge) described one of his latest plans. This time it was a little different. Rather than supporting STEM based business and research institutions, all be it he expected them to get involved, this was more of a personal challenge. As well as one which would demonstrate BPE’s commitment and corporate responsibility.

Rob described the Macmillan Way Challenge, a multi-day walk covering nearly 300 miles in 23 days with the aim of fundraising £108,000. Enough to fund an additional two Macmillan nurses for a year.

The Macmillan Way Challenge not only sounded like a great way to raise money, it also sounded good fun, especially if you only planned to join for one of the days! Rob also described some of the interesting and influential people that would be taking part and it was immediately something that I agreed that we could support.

The Bristol & Bath Science Park will be joining the walk (for a day!) in the summer and are helping to spread the word about the Challenge and the wider excellent work undertaken by Macmillan. Leading up to the event there are a number of profile raising events taking place to make people aware of the challenge. One of which we hosted at the Science Park.

It is easy for others to get involved, either as an individual or an organisation. This could be by taking part in the walk itself and committing to raising sponsorship, making a donation via the Challenge just giving site or as a company sponsor, perhaps encouraging your employees to take part!

Since Rob launched the Challenge, I’ve taken a little more time to find out about Macmillan Cancer Support. The scale and nature of their work is not just impressive but also forms an essential backbone of support for cancer patients and their families. We are all likely to be affected by cancer in some way during our lives, the Macmillan Way Challenge is one of the ways that we can help raise money and give our time to such a worthy cause.

Tom Beasley.